The Last Great Battle

The Last Great Battle


In the massive freedom rally at Canberra on February 12th 2022, I told the crowd they were involved in the greatest battle in the history of humanity, but I didn’t have time to explain it. So I’d like to do that and provide a glimpse of the big picture. It’s like a snapshot of the pandemic from a higher perspective.


The ancient Egyptians understood that just as there is a cycle of the moon every 28 days, and a cycle of the sun every year, there is a great cycle of around 26,000 years. Viewed from the Earth, the heavens appear to rotate in an anti-clockwise direction, taking roughly 2,150 years to pass through each house of the Zodiac. We are now in the age of Aquarius, the last house of the cycle. So we have entered the end of a spiritual season and, as part of it, everything has been speeding up over the last 150 years.


We have all been in cycles ourselves, having lived hundreds of lifetimes in different bodies and different cultures in this past 24,000 years. Each life is like a day in school. To continue the analogy, we are currently in the first term of year 12.


The word ‘Cosmos’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘order’. It’s the opposite of chaos. Ancient sages saw Halley’s Comet arriving punctually every 75 years. Such astronomical order inspired them to suspect order everywhere. I’m completing a book that I hope to have published next year. It’s called Relax: it’s Cosmos, not Chaos. It will go into much more detail explaining how everything that appears chaotic has an underlying meaning and purpose.


In chapter 16 of the book of Revelation, John, the close friend of Jesus, described the last great battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. It’s been called Armageddon. Many think it means the end of the world because it uses terms like ‘last days’ and ‘end times’, but it actually refers to this last age of the great cycle, the Age of Aquarius. In chapter 20, John wrote of a thousand years of peace coming our way. The outcome of the great battle of Armageddon is clear. Light will disperse the darkness, just as it is now showing up the dark motives and devious planning behind the pandemic narrative.


This century’s technology has, for the first time, given the dark side the opportunity to control the whole human population. In 2016, Klaus Schwab predicted that by 2030, everybody will be micro-chipped with ID. The vehicle for this microchip, no doubt, is a vaccine. They expected that once they established vaccine passports worldwide, they could lock the prison door. As Trudeau showed with the Truckers in Canada, once anyone stepped out of line, their bank accounts were frozen. With total financial control, “nobody would own anything and everyone will be happy.” At least, the billionaire psychopaths of Schwab’s WEF would be happy.  But as we are now seeing in Sri Lanka, when people own nothing, they are not very happy at all.


Dark forces planned this for decades. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy issued warnings about an industrial-military-scientific complex in 1961. Until early this year, the dark side was winning. But now the battle is turning. While they still own governments, mainstream media, scientific and medical bodies, public resistance is growing. After all the lockdowns, people are valuing freedom. Few people are turning up for boosters. Parents are not lining up to jab their kids despite the extensive propaganda. They’ve even recruited the muppets to push their genocidal cause. Yet the much publicised launch of the jab for toddlers was a fizzer. African nations banded together to block the WHO’s power grab. Above all, truth is steadily emerging into the mainstream, despite desperate efforts to suppress it. John’s prophecies are bearing fruit.


When I speak of the dark side or dark forces, I refer to both human and non-physical beings. The corruption of Christianity happened over 300 years, but was complete by the time the Church became part of the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD. Corruption of medical science has been an incremental process over 250 years but sped up over the last 35 years with Fauci at the helm. Human life is not long enough to make such long-range plans, but non-physical dark entities can live up to 700 years. Like psychopaths, they are very intelligent and dedicated in pursuing selfish agendas. They just lack empathy. They thrive on the negative energies coming from frustrated and angry humans.


Almost every culture has names for these entities. We use words like Satan and the devil. Germans say Mephistopheles, Spanish say Diablo, Muslims use words like Jinn and Ghoul, while Native Americans say Watiko. They all use mental telepathy, implanting ideas in the minds of humans.


However, they can only reach people whose energy vibrates at a similar frequency. They can’t reach people who are living in the higher frequencies of love and compassion. The ideal recipients are psychopaths / sociopaths, who seek power over others. All souls go through such a stage in their many lives. The goal of the human journey is to grow from living in fear to living in a state of love and harmony with all of life. There is a stage where the fear driven ego reaches its peak before it learns love and compassion and can walk in another’s moccasins.


What has been confusing for so many is that the dark forces are also God. There is nothing but God. So the dark side has its place in the scheme of things. Ruthless as they are, they provide the opposition that enables growth. How do you show courage unless there is something to combat? How can you appreciate honesty unless you experience dishonesty? You can only forgive someone if you believe they’ve done something deserving of your condemnation. You appreciate freedom only after experiencing restriction. This is happening in our world right now.


So it is counterproductive to hate those pushing the current narrative, even if they are deliberately corrupt. They are best seen as young souls, behaving in a way that is understandable for their stage of life. They might behave like teenage bullies, but they too are God. If we send hatred and judgment in their direction, we will cop the recoil. Negative energies are boomerangs, hurting the sender more than the recipient. Hence the importance of avoiding aggression, holding the line, refusing to obey restrictive commands, and peacefully protesting, all of which have been done magnificently here in Australia. Violence has mainly come from the police, not the protesters.


The recent Australian census showed 39% of respondents declared no religion. Being an atheist is also a normal, healthy stage of growth. Many of those declaring no religion have declared themselves as Jedis, or have used categories like ‘spiritual but not religious’. But those into purely materialistic beliefs may face problems. Those who believe they are purely a body controlled by a brain will struggle to cope with the challenges coming down the pipeline. Half the world’s population has received bio-weapons into their bodies. The amount of death and injuries this will cause is frightening. The World Economic Forum also plans to destroy the current financial system to bring in something more Draconian. They are also engineering food shortages, as we can see clearly in the Netherlands. So, while the forces of light are winning, the war is by no means over.


It is so important to realise we are much more than our bodies. Returning to John’s Revelation, he described God as the Alpha to the Omega – the A to Z. Other cultures and religions have described God as ‘All that is’. What they are saying is there is only God. So regardless of your belief systems, you’re all God – whether you like it or not! You are not your body. You are eternal beings having a human experience. You are consciousness. Your body is something you own. It is made up of cells undergoing a constant state of change. You create your body moment by moment with your beliefs.


This is what Jesus was teaching two thousand years ago. It empowered his followers to the point they were prepared to battle lions in the arena rather than comply with Roman authorities.


Dark forces corrupted his teachings. They declared Jesus to be the only son of God and everyone else to be miserable wretched sinners – hence disempowering everyone and rendering them more compliant. It’s not dissimilar to what they are doing now. They are exploiting fear to disempower people and render them compliant to lockdowns, masks and jabs with bio-weapons.


Thousands of people have had near-death experiences. They describe watching peacefully while resuscitation teams are doing CPR on their bodies. Even while flatlining, they are conscious. They go through a tunnel into light and become one with it. They realise their true essence is consciousness, light and love – qualities separate from the body they’ve left behind. These are the same qualities we attribute to God. They’re reluctant to return to Earth, but do so only because they know they’ve got unfinished business here. Once back here, they no longer fear death.


It may surprise you, but a Loving God did not create this world we live in, a world where food chains mean something has to die for another to live. The Hindus call this world maya, meaning illusion. The Earth, with its apparent solidity, has no more reality and permanence than the places you visit in your dreams.


A sketch in Monty Python shows a man blindfolded, hands behind him tied to a post. There are five rifles pointed at him. He wakes up in a sweat and sees his mother. “Mother, thank God you’re here. I’ve had the most awful nightmare.” She replied, “Lovely to see you too, dear, but this is a dream. You’re actually in front of a firing squad in Guatemala.”


God is more like a loving parent sitting by our bed, trying to wake us up from our nightmare.


Our bodies are weak and vulnerable to disease and injury. If you think that’s who you are, you will live in fear. When you realise you are consciousness, light and love, you know you will live forever. Nothing can hurt your true Self.


Why did we do something so stupid as to turn up here on Earth in this school of hard knocks? Perhaps it’s because we humans are the most courageous and curious of God’s children. Love is all that really exists, but we wanted to do our own thing and see what life could be like outside the reality of a love-based environment. This is the result. It’s quite an adventure, isn’t it? I’ve enjoyed this life despite its difficulties, but I look forward to returning to a loving environment and being around for the Golden Age John predicted.


Letter to Dr Monique Ryan

Dr Peter L Johnston MBBS FRACGP 6 Atunga Terrace Dromana 3936 Phone: 0411819045 Email: Website:     Open letter to The Right Honourable

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