Talk in Treasury Gardens March 12th 2022

Dr Peter L Johnston







Since Ahpra put paid to my career as a GP, I’ve embraced a new career as a geriatric rebel. It’s great to be among fellow rebels here today and rebel against 5 targets that interfere with our freedom; Lockdowns, masks, jabs, mandates and censorship.




Masks and lockdowns have been used for centuries – in the Spanish flu and even in the bubonic plague, but with no notable success. Even before Covid-19, they were known to be ineffective, and most epidemiologists acknowledged this in March 2020, before changing their minds a few weeks later.


A study last month at the Johns Hopkins University concluded that Lockdowns have done little to reduce Covid deaths but have had devastating effects on economies and created numerous social ills. They interrupted normal health maintenance and disease prevention, as well as hurt mental health and increased suicide.




These have been shown to be ineffective in a number of studies. Viruses are miniscule and easily find their way through the densest masks. But masks also have negative effects.

  • They reduce oxygen flow
  • They retain more CO2
  • Worse is they block off our innate defences. Cellular immunity in the nose and mouth is our primary defence against airborne pathogens.
  • It is estimated that 85% of our communication is non- verbal. Blocking half the face is detrimental to learning for young children.




We are still being told these vaccines jabs are safe and effective.

They are not vaccines – nor are they safe or effective.


Last week, a large group of scientists, doctors and journalists won a Freedom of Information case to get the Federal Drug Administration to reveal information they received from Pfizer, information that should have been released at the time.

It was confidential, and Pfizer planned to keep it that way for 75 years.


The figures came from the start of the rollout on Dec 11th 2020 until Feb 28th 2021.

It listed 1,291 different diseases and complications, far more diseases than I’ve ever heard of my 56 years in medicine.

It showed diseases affecting every organ and system of the body

It also included what I feared most – auto-immune diseases, the result of tinkering with the immune system. I thought they might take years to show up, but they were already visible then.

Had the FDA not been corrupt, this report would have been more than enough to cease the roll out immediately.


It supports what we heard from 3 whistle-blowers at the US Department of Defence. They said there was a 5-year average of 1.7 million acute illnesses per year among the military. Since mandating jabs,  they’ve had nearly 22 million.

In 2021, compared to other years, they found three times the number of miscarriages and cancers, 10 times the number of diseases of the nervous system, and 120 times the incidence of heart inflammation.


The combination of lockdowns and vaccine injuries have shifted Covid mortality from the aged and sick to a younger group. The CEO of an Indiana Insurance Co described a 10% increase in deaths of people aged 18-65 as a 1 in 200 year event. Yet the top US insurance companies describe increases in mortality in 2021 at 32, 21,36,41,24,30 and 57%, an average around 40% – totally unheard of.


Medical experts who were silenced predicted the jabs would kill more people than the virus. It looks as though they are on track.



As for effectiveness. When I last spoke here, Omicron had just hit Australia. I referred to it as ‘moronic’. I need to clarify that statement. The virus itself has been brilliant. What’s been moronic has been the policy of pushing for booster jabs of the same stuff when the first two were so ineffective.

To add further insult, official statistics from the UK show that the triple jabbed have double the incidence of Covid compared to the un-jabbed. This could only happen because the jabs have impaired their defence system.




From what I’ve seen of the Pfizer document to the FDA, these gene-altering drugs should not have been given to anybody, let alone be mandated or given to children. It is criminal.




Whenever I am only being allowed to see one side of an argument, I know I’m being lied to. St Augustine put it this way. Truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.


The Great Battle


The truth, as I see it, is we have a global battle. The leaders of virtually all political parties, medical bodies, scientific organisations, universities and mass media, worldwide are all in lockstep pushing policies that violate individual freedoms.


Standing against them are the people. It is more like a slave rebellion, but it’s not a war of armaments.

It is a battle for the hearts and minds – a battle forecast thousands of year ago where the


Forces of light battle forces of darkness.

Good is up against evil.

Truth-seekers are trying to expose lies and deceit.

Freedom seekers are looking to overcome control & tyranny.

Those for love and peace are aligned against those stoking fear and chaos.

Those wanting unity oppose those seeking to divide and conquer.

You are part of The Great Awakening opposing The Great Reset




Since I spoke here 3 months ago, there has been much progress.

The narrative is collapsing. More people are waking up.

The Canadian truckers have been a catalyst. When they started their stand at Ottawa, a survey showed only 20% of Canadians supported them. When Trudeau showed his evil intent, it grew to 46%.

Among the 18-34 year-olds, it was 61%.


Once people wake up, they don’t go back to sleep again.

Awakening is a one-way street.


We are winning but we need to keep up the pressure


Victory is inevitable. Light will extinguish darkness. But it will be a rough ride. You need to keep up the pressure. When you see the damage these drugs cause, anger will arise, but violence will be counterproductive. You occupy the high moral ground here.


You are the ones who care about the children of our nation. You are the ones trying to protect them against a useless, toxic drug they never needed as they have nothing to fear from Covid.


You are the bearers of light, bringing truth to a plandemic narrative riddled with lies and deception from the beginning.


You are the ones trying to bring unity to our people whose leaders are dividing us into vaxed  and un-vaxed. You are the ones bringing true Australian values of tolerance, mate-ship and a fair go.


You are the ones bringing freedom to a country ruled by despots. Aussies used to have a reputation for being larrikins, rough diamonds with a disregard for authority. The highest compliment I can give you today is to say you are all a mob of larrikins.


You are the disobedient ones, the true freedom fighters.


You are the ones who are leading us to victory.


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