Speech at the ‘Great Resistance’ in Melbourne 27th August 2022

Speech at the Great Resist Melbourne 27/8/2022


I am Peter Johnston. I was a GP for 51 years until September last year when Ahpra accused me of providing Covid misinformation to my patients. I informed them that any misinformation was coming, not from me, but from them.


Then last week, Professor BS (Brett Sutton) had to admit publicly that he was guilty of peddling the same misinformation.


But he is only one of many so-called medical experts operating across the globe. In lock step they have all pushed the disastrous policies of lockdowns, masks and jabs, none of which have been shown to have any scientific merit. Most of these ‘experts’ are academics, free of any need to see patients because they are  paid by governments, pharmaceutical companies – or both.


Meanwhile, true experts in medicine have been shut down, censored, de-platformed or de-registered.


Just as medical experts are being censored, so too are true experts in science, including climate science. The idea of man-made climate change came from David Rockefeller and the Club of Rome in 1968.  The World Economic Forum enthusiastically took it up five years later.


Although climate change is not strictly a medical issue, I’m raising it because it involves the same mob of massively wealthy psychopaths. They ramped up the fear of a virus in order to push a bioweapon into everybody. They are also ramping up fear of climate change. Their agenda is to push Draconian policies to dispossess farmers and create food shortages and famine.


The World Economic Forum plan a centralised digital banking system and they are ruthless in their pursuit of it. If they can get this in place, they will control everybody’s lives. Trudeau gave us a preview of what will happen when he froze the accounts of Canadian Truckers and their supporters.


These same psychopaths had planned to control humanity through vaccine passports. Those of us who were un-jabbed got a taste of this last year.

Although Melbourne was the most locked down city in the world, we also held the world’s biggest freedom rallies.


When I spoke to you protesters last year, I told you that you were the freedom fighters who would lead us to victory – and you have brought us two major victories. You have helped to get rid of those vaccine passports. You’ve also frightened our leaders into dropping most of those detested mandates. You have every right to be proud of what you helped achieve.


But while we have won significant victories, we haven’t won the war yet. We will, but there is still work to do.


So, I would like to make 5 suggestions. I realise I’m preaching to the choir, so I’ll make it brief.


  1. Accept no more jabs for Covid, Monkeypox or any vaccine that’s come into being over the last 30 years. Since Clinton gave big pharma immunity from being sued in1992 and Fauci was entrusted with public health, the corruption of the US medical profession has been rampant, and has spread to the rest of the world.


  1. Go back to using cash.


  1. Support the farmers. Establish relationships with local primary producers.


  1. Vote for freedom parties in November.


  1. Keep resisting and holding the line. This is a pivotal point in human history. You are taking part in a war that was forecast thousands of years ago – a war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. It is not a war like Ukraine. It is a war being fought in the hearts and minds of the people. In this war, the dark forces are using bio-weapons, corruption, deception and genocide in an effort to control every human on the planet. You protestors are the warriors of the light. You are carrying the weapons of integrity, truth, love and compassion in your quest to bring freedom to humanity. Our world relies on you.

YOU ARE WINNING. Keep at it.

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