Reflections on Anzac Day 2022

Dr Peter L Johnston



Reflections on Anzac Day 2022



Last Thursday on our chat group, there was a call to stand in silence outside government house at dawn on Anzac Day. It prompted me to turn up at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne for the first time in 30 years.

My son’s home is an hour’s drive closer to the shrine. When I invited myself to stay with him, he suggested I march. “You’re not getting any younger, Pop. Your grandchildren need to understand the Anzac spirit. Watching you march will help them.” So, for the first time, I marched in a Melbourne Anzac Day, 52 years after returning from Vietnam.  Although not marching in the city, I have been to other Anzac services in small towns. It always leads me to reflect on the losses sustained by those who did not return, or who returned with serious injuries.

Yesterday was different. It was a beautiful Autumn day. Australia was no longer fighting in Afghanistan. After our government cancelled the last two Anzac parades, large numbers of people gathered to march. Even more gathered to respect the fallen and applaud those who served in overseas war zones. It seemed a mark of gratitude to those who had taken risks to protect the freedoms they were now enjoying.

Yet, to me, it all felt surreal. We are not at peace. We’ve only just come out of two years of lockdowns and masks. We are involved in a battle for the soul of humanity where the

Forces for Light                                 are competing against                                                    forces of darkness

Forces for Good                                are up against                                                                   the forces of evil

Forces for Truth                               are trying to expose                                                         lies and deceit

Forces for Freedom                         are looking to overcome                                                 control & tyranny

Forces for Love and peace             are aligned against                                                           fear and chaos

Forces for Uniting us                      oppose those who seek to                                               divide and conquer

What we are witnessing is a Great Awakening which will ultimately overcome The Great Reset.

If we can believe our government, we have been granted the freedom to visit restaurants, sporting and entertainment venues last weekend because 95% of people have received two jabs and 67% have had three.

It saddened me to think that most people at the Anzac Day march had no idea they were at war. They did not know they were already carrying wounds from bioweapons inflicted by their own leaders in a stealth attack. Like explosives that blow up the walls of a castle, the Covid jabs have undermined their defences, allowing invaders, like bacteria, viruses and parasites to enter. Every booster is like another explosive, furthering the breech in their defences and compounding the damage.

Members of Health Care Workers for Truth already know of the devastating effects of these bioweapons, because they have access to independent information. But the mainstream media have ensured most people are kept in the dark. Journalists are being silenced, or are supremely ignorant of what’s going on. Jon Faine is a good example. He wrote this in the Age on Sunday.

        “Remember the swarms of anti-lockdown protesters camped for weeks on the steps of state parliament, blocking the city, belting police officers, then urinating on the Shrine of Remembrance. Will any of them dare to show their face at the Anzac day dawn service after desecrating the memory of our war dead?”

Obviously Jon and I have different memories of that protest. I thought it was the police officers doing most of the belting. I don’t recall reading about anyone urinating. Maybe somebody did? However, I suspect my bladder control might be less than 100% if I was being shot at with rubber bullets!

Far from desecrating the memory of our war dead, those protesters were demonstrating the true Anzac spirit. They were fighting for our freedoms against the tyranny of our own government, who in turn were acting, not for the people of Australia, but in the interests of the World Economic Forum, a small cabal of super-wealthy psychopaths.

As I marched towards the shrine to the applause of the spectators, I found myself unable to truly enjoy it. My thoughts kept turning to the Emperor’s new clothes, an iconic story told by Hans Christian Andersen. Swindlers convinced a vain emperor to wear an invisible garment. His court then proclaimed anyone who couldn’t see his resplendent invisible robes was stupid. His public parade went well until a child saw he was naked and shouted out that the emperor was starkers.

I saw myself as someone who hadn’t accepted the swindler’s spiel. All I could see was that our freedom was as illusory as the invisible threads on the emperor’s clothes. We might all have been let out of jail last weekend, but those who imprisoned us are still in charge. They stand ready to lock us up again and inflict us all with more bioweapons. As I looked out at all these happy, courageous and caring people, all I could feel was sadness at the wounds they unconsciously carried. Like all battle wounds, they have the potential to bring death, pain and limitation.

When we all finally awaken to this horrendous scam, we will need to put in place ironclad systems to prevent such corruption in the future. Perhaps it will be time for a new system of government, a decentralised one where there is truly government of the people, for the people, by the people. Not this fake democracy where the masses are ruled by ambitious egotists with their snouts in the trough. What I call wealthocracy – government of the people by the wealthy, for the wealthy. Future generations must always be reminded of this massive failure.  LEST WE FORGET.


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