On the Wisdom of Our Greek Forefathers

Dr Peter L Johnston



On the Wisdom of Our Greek Forefathers


Two Greek sages laid down the ethical foundations for our Western society. Both lived in the 5th century BC. Their names still live on – Hippocrates and Socrates.

Hippocrates is honoured as ‘The Father of Medicine’. Throughout history, there have always been snake-oil salesmen. Athens was no different. The words, “First do no harm” were aimed at those who sought to make a drachma by flogging remedies that were of more benefit to the seller than the buyer. He stressed that all physicians must put the needs of their patients first. This ethical standard has been the backbone of medical practice for 2,500 years. This is why, in 1965, we took his oath on graduation – before we saw our first patient.

How would the father of medicine view our world today, seeing his physicians obliged by law to harm children. Young teenagers from the age of twelve have absolutely nothing to fear from the Covid virus. Without serious pre-existing conditions, their mortality is zero. They don’t get sick when the virus enters their bodies because their immune systems are so strong. Yet their medical and political leaders are demanding they take in an experimental drug which causes heart disease in their age group. Pfizer, the FDA, CDC and TGA all know this, but say little.

Plato’s teacher, Socrates, is honoured as the founder of Western Philosophy. He was admired for his wisdom, integrity and his insights. He used a form of enquiry called Socratic Dialogue. While it was a brilliant teaching tool for his students, it enraged the Athenian leaders, because it showed up their ignorance and egotism. They solved the problem by having him ingest poison.

Today we have many people like Socrates in the healthcare field – people with wisdom, integrity and insights. They work as nurses, psychologists, paramedics, physiotherapists, masseurs, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists and healers in many diverse fields.

Like Socrates, they are awake to the malignant intent behind the pressure to ‘vaccinate’ the public. They can see the deviousness and ignorance of their political and medical authorities, supported by the mainstream media. They know that what they are promulgating is BS. So, like the Athenian leaders of 2,500 years ago, our leaders are forcing them to take poison.

My home city, Melbourne, was frequently voted the world’s most liveable city. It now has the record as the most locked down city in the world. We have a premier, (currently being investigated for corruption) who has dictated that all people working in healthcare must receive this poisonous dart by this Friday, October 15th. If they fail to follow this directive, they lose their jobs. If they are self-employed, they are not permitted to care for those clients or patients for whom they have devoted their lives.

Not only does this violate the philosophies of Hippocrates and Socrates, it violates the whole concept of democracy, which the Ancient Greeks gifted us. Democracy is government of the people, by the people, for the people. Democracy was established to protect us from tyrannical egomaniacs posing as saviours.

These democratic and ethical principles have been enshrined in both Australian and international legislation:

  • Basic human rights
  • Natural law
  • The Geneva Convention
  • The Nuremberg Code
  • The United Nations Declaration on Human Rights
  • The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples
  • Articles 6 & 7 of the International Criminal Court Statute
  • The Constitution of Australia.

What is happening here is a crime against our people. Those who are awake need to resist this tyranny. Violence is not required. Resistance will suffice. When the health system falls apart because of shortages and people suffer the loss of their favourite practitioners, it will help them wake up to the scam. So let’s band together. If we don’t hang together, we’ll hang separately.

While I’m on the subject of hanging, I need to issue a warning to all doctors. At the Nuremberg trials, doctors who conducted medical experiments on prisoners of war all pleaded their innocence, saying they were just following orders. The judges did not consider this to be an adequate excuse. Seven were hanged and the others received 10 to 20 year sentences.

How confident are you that your political leaders will stand by you if you find yourself at The Hague? Are they likely to take full responsibility? Or will they duck for cover, leaving you to take personal responsibility for your actions?

My thanks go to Reclaim the Line for asking me to speak.

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