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Unfortunately, it may not be easy to locate some of these now as they were taken down periodically.

A movie called ‘Monopoly’ gives an account of the billionaires who control most of the world. Excellent if you can locate it. (It is still alive in the chat group.)

I apologise for neglecting the links but the chat group is so much more effective,

bringing an average of 40-50 items and videos that are up to date

If you want to see the experts in all fields of healthcare, look for talks from

Dr Peter McCulloch,

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche

Prof Robert Clancy, Prof Ted Steele and Judy Wilyman, all Australians

Mike Yeadon ex VP at Pfizer

Dr Tess Lawrie

Dr Pierre Kory


Our researchers are also keeping us up to date with the state of protests worldwide

as the psychopathic global cabals institute more desperate measures to try to vaccinate

everybody on the planet.



  1. Science Direct. Toxicology Reports – a scholarly article:

Why are we vaccinating children against Covid-19?

  2. mRNA inventor calls for stop to Covid vaccine,/video/yn3u9ETcxCbV/


  1. Dr Peter McCulloch: failed Covid vaccination programme will go down as one of the most deadly in history
  2. Canadian doctors speak out: Dangers of the vax, the hijacking of science & CPSO gag order on doctors

Was on bitchute but since taken down

  1. David Martin PhD. Covid-19: Vaccine or Gene-therapy? Deceptive medical labelling exposed – James Fetzer -exposed/

  1. The Vaccines: Awesome ingenuity or a huge mistake? Interview with Dr Van den Bossche.




Letter to Dr Monique Ryan

Dr Peter L Johnston MBBS FRACGP 6 Atunga Terrace Dromana 3936 Phone: 0411819045 Email: Website:     Open letter to The Right Honourable

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The Last Great Battle

The Last Great Battle   In the massive freedom rally at Canberra on February 12th 2022, I told the crowd they were involved in the

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