Letter to School Headmaster

Dr Peter L Johnston



September 4th 2021


Dear Bill,


We have met at an OXA function in Sydney but I don’t expect you to recall that. I was at Xavier from 1949-59. Did medicine at Melb uni. After 3 years in hospitals, I went to Vietnam with the army and have been a GP ever since. I have written a book on healthcare entitled The Eagle’s Way: The Importance of Love in Healthcare.


I am writing to you after reading the Age this morning. I feel for you in the situation life has placed you. If your teachers are not vaccinated, you’ll be held responsible for exposing your students to the risk of infection. If you make vaccination mandatory for the teachers, you will be held responsible for the side-effects of the vaccines on their health. It’s a no-win situation and you have my sincere sympathy. However, that only makes the decision even more important to find a way out of the minefield. I’m sure you have consulted widely but information on the benefits of refraining from vaccination is hard to come by in this era of censorship. So I would be grateful if you could find the time to read this, albeit an essay of 2500+ words.


When the PM announced plans to give priority for children aged 12 to 15 to receive the Pfizer vaccine, I became concerned. Even the FDA and CDC in America only allow people older than 16 to have the vaccine. With my medical practice preparing to vaccinate this age group in two weeks time, I felt obliged to resign last week. I am including a copy of my resignation letter because I believe vaccinating pupils will be the next thing the government will be asking schools to encourage.


I am listing the experiences that have led me to question the narrative on Covid-19 and vaccination.


  1. Drug Companies and Medicine


In my early days as a GP, I used to see drug reps and even accepted a weekend at the Wrest Point casino, all expenses paid. Once I embraced the holistic approach 40 years ago, I stopped seeing them. I felt their marketing was corrupting the medical profession, and I’ve seen no reason to change my mind. Average GPs spend vast amounts of their time prescribing drugs and referring patients to surgeons and other specialists, most of whom also rely on drugs. So the medical profession and drug companies are hand in glove. Most GPs trust them for much of their information, without too much questioning.


  1. Side-effects of Medications


Nearly all the drugs and most of the vaccines currently in use have been invented in my lifetime. Over my sixty years as a doctor and medical student, I have witnessed a pattern. A new drug arrives on the market to a fanfare of publicity, mostly from the drug companies, but often from the media too. A few side-effects show up in the clinical trials but not enough to question its beneficial effects. The side effects start showing up slowly but after two or three years there is a vast list of adverse effects and toxic interactions with other drugs.

The human body is unbelievably complex. Over a thousand biochemical reactions occur every second, all of them perfectly executed unless we interfere with them by our negative beliefs and stressful emotions. Or we take in physical poisons like cigarette smoke and drugs. Much as we doctors pride ourselves on our marvellous scientific medications, compared to the natural biochemistry of the body, our drugs are crude. Putting a drug into the body is like taking a plumbers wrench to a smart phone. Drugs intended to cure disease in one organ inevitably affect other organs. Hence the vast number of side effects listed on every drug.

In the 60s and 70s I enthusiastically prescribed every new drug until this pattern became clear. Since then, I’ve never started any patient on a new drug until it has been used overseas for a few years.

In the Eagle’s Way I listed some of the medical disasters, from Thalidomide to Fentanyl. Yet all of these disasters occurred after research that took 6 to 10 years. I could not understand why FDA, CDC, WHO and ATAGI were telling us a vaccine that hasn’t even gone through phase 3 testing is safe for the public? There hasn’t even been time to assess the long term side effects.

When I look at the stimulus for having a vaccine at ‘warped speed’, it came from none other than Donald Trump. Would you buy a used car from this man? In 2018, Rick Wilson wrote a book entitled ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’. And that was before he lost an election and tried to tear down the whole structure of democracy in the USA!!


  1. Covid Vaccines not being Vaccines


When I realised the Covid jab was not a true vaccine, it pushed alarm bells. All previous vaccines stimulated our immune systems to produce antibodies to combat the pathogenic organism. The mRNA vaccines are not trusting our immune system to do the job. They are taking over the job, by introducing a protein that acts like software for the cell.

As their advertising blurb puts it, mRNA vaccines are genetic messengers to our cells. Anything that changes the mechanism of cells and our immune system can interfere with them. All illness relies on our immune systems, both to defend us from external invaders like microbes, but also internal invaders like cancer and other chronic illnesses. Once you start interfering with that, you are playing with fire. It opens the door to auto-immune disease and other problems, especially in the heart and nervous system.


  1. Covid Vaccines Not Being Safe


My fears are not just academic either. Even working only two days per week, I am seeing reactions to the vaccine, extending beyond the expected initial reactions of the 1st and 2nd days. Two weeks ago, I saw a 70 yr-old who had a stroke the day after her AstraZeneca jab, another develop multiple thromboses, and another had to take constant analgesics for pain at the injection site, weeks after she had the jab.

Last Thursday I saw a nurse who quit her job in aged care after vaccination was made mandatory. She was working in a dementia ward but observed 7 of their 20 residents died within 10 days of vaccination, but their deaths were attributed to natural causes. Had they been positive for Covid, their deaths would no doubt have been attributed to the pandemic.

On the same day I saw a woman, 69, who developed all the symptoms of a heart attack within hours of receiving the vaccine. She finished up having an angiogram which showed no significant stenosis. So her angina was not at the arterial level. Presumably the cause lay at the capillary level, which is what  scientists have predicted the spike proteins in vaccines will do.


  1. Prejudice Against Anti-vaxers


I am suspicious of propaganda that labels any group of people, and the crusade against anti-vaxers has been troubling me for some time. I have written certificates for many people over the years to excuse them from having vaccines. All had genuine reasons, usually because they had had reactions to vaccines. A much-loved nurse at my practice took a spoonful of Sabin vaccine prior to going on holidays and died of polio at Fairfield Infectious diseases hospital. Ten years later I discovered that all adult polio was caused by Sabin, but it took twenty years for the authorities to stop using it and go back to the Salk vaccine.

Having said that, I am not anti-vax. All my children were vaccinated and I’ve given thousands of them over the last fifty years.


  1. The Silencing of Critics


Another red flag for me came when I heard expert immunologists were being silenced. I feared we were not dealing with science. Science is the search for truth using the scientific method. It came into being in the Renaissance and countered the dogmatic approach of the Christian Church of that era.

Once there is no openness to different opinions, we are not seeing science. We are hearing dogma once again. The doctors we hear from are public health academics who rarely if ever see patients. Burning at the stake may no longer apply to heretics, but heretical opinions are taken down from YouTube and social media; their letters go unpublished. Anyone suggesting there is something fishy about the urge to vaccination is labelled as anti-vax and accused of imperilling the health of the nation.


  1. Governments Trying to Get Around the Law


The pressure to mandate vaccination is being loudly discussed. Governments cannot legally mandate an experimental drug because of the Nuremburg code, brought in after the Second World War in the wake of Nazi experimentation on prisoners. It is also against the law in Australia. What governments can do is pressure private businesses and schools to threaten dismissal if staff are not vaccinated. Vaccine passports and bribes are other weapons being used to try to force people to go against their gut instincts and ignore their own inner guidance.


Can Our Christian Teachings Help Here?


What governments worldwide are doing looks like love and compassion in that it is talking about protecting people from a deadly pandemic. So why am I doubting this picture?


I regret having to say this but I am seeing Covid vaccination as malevolence dressed up as concern for the public: as darkness disguised as light. Jesus has some useful advice in this situation.


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; but neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.


From the spiritual perspective, the highest qualities of humanity are love, truth, wisdom and freedom. I believe we humans grow spiritually by moving from our ego’s belief in fear and separation towards a knowledge of our true Self, which is love and oneness.

Surely the only way to deal with a global pandemic is to address it globally. How loving are drug companies and leaders of Western countries when they reserve their vaccines for booster doses rather than give them to 3rd world countries, despite requests from WHO to give the poor their 1st dose? How loving is it for Australia to help itself to vaccines that had been set aside for poor countries? Actions speak louder than words. It’s obvious that profits, money and selfishness are far stronger motivating forces than compassion or wisdom.

How loving is it to keep count of death and illness from Covid, but not count deaths from suicide and the huge increase in mental illness wrought by lockdowns. And to ignore the deaths and illness wrought by the vaccine. Every illness or death occurring within a month of vaccination is caused by the vaccine until proved otherwise. But is anybody even looking for them? Not according to independent doctors.

Love is what unites people and brings them together. Apart from platitudes about ‘all being in this together’, what are they actually doing, but trying to divide and conquer. They are describing Covid as a disease of the unvaccinated, trying to blame the unvaccinated for the plight of the vaccinated.

What governments and media are peddling is not love, but fear – fear of death and disease. Scientists view religion as a relic of a superstitious age. Many people in the western world have had no religious teachings about having an immortal soul. So they think they ARE their bodies. For them, fear for their continued existence is real. Their fear is accentuated by lockdowns, isolation, unemployment, economic ruin and being stuck indoors watching TV and internet dominated by violence and constant dismal news. It is this underlying fear driving people towards vaccination. It’s not love.

 “Love is gentle and kind, not boastful or self-seeking’ according to Paul in his letter to Corinthians. What we’re seeing from our politicians is arrogance and an attitude that says, “we know what’s best for you all. Just do what you’re told – or else.” Meanwhile the vision of most politicians extends no further than the next election and an opportunity to keep their snouts in the trough.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is wisdom, which can only come from a peaceful mind, not one driven by fear and panic. It is fear that overrides the gentle voice of intuition.

As to freedom, we have all been granted free will, but as Rousseau put it “man is born free but everywhere is in chains”. And that’s where governments want them. Freedom is the last thing governments want to grant its citizens at the moment. Orwell’s 1984 looks benign compared to some of the restrictions Dan and Gladys are inflicting, aided by Google and Apps that allow our every movement to be traced.

As for truth, that is clearly not what they want. If they thought their narrative was the truth, there would be no need to suppress other beliefs and opinions.


Is Herd Immunity Realistic?


While I’m obviously sceptical about politicians, I’m sure most governments are doing their best to protect their people from the ravages of Covid-19. Though they might have the best of intentions, they have bought into the narrative that herd immunity will save the world and allow everybody to get back to normal.


But there is no getting back to normal.


  • Because pharmaceutical companies put profits ahead of public service and fail to provide vaccines to Africa and third world countries, there’ll always be a reservoir for the virus.


  • Not only will that mean the pandemic will continue, it will be a breeding ground for new variants of Covid. If it follows the usual pattern of bacteria and parasites, all new variants will be more resistant to vaccines. We currently have the delta strain here, but South America has the Lambda strain, which is already making up 1% of Covid in USA. Yesterday I read there is another new strain in South Africa.


  • Israel and UK have pretty much reached so called ‘herd immunity’. Yet they are experiencing increasing deaths and hospital admissions, most of whom are already vaccinated. The vaccine was made to fight the original strain of Covid-19 – but it isn’t working against the delta strain. The original optimism that it would stop the spread of the virus was soon shattered when it was found it spread just as adequately from the vaccinated as from the unvaccinated. So then the vaccine was praised for preventing death and serious illness. However, the jury is still out on that one too, with 70% of deaths and hospitalised patients in Israel being fully vaccinated. Such data is being ignored here in Australia with politicians and mass media still trying to put lipstick on a pig.


  • Half the inhabitants of the planet will refuse to have it. There are not enough people trusting politicians and big pharma to get 70-80% of people vaccinated. African-Americans have experienced being treated as guinea-pigs by drug companies and have been noticeably reticent to get vaccinated. Once it becomes more obvious that the vaccines are not working, and the truth about the side-effects start to emerge, faith in the vaccines will collapse and vaccination is likely to cease soon after.


  • What we considered normal life prior to the pandemic was rendering the planet uninhabitable for humanity. Something had to change. We were not making much progress in the areas of global warming, pollution of air, land and sea, overfishing, deforestation etc. The pandemic could have been a great opportunity to bring people together to try to deal with our global problems. Instead the forces of darkness led by multinational drug companies, have used it to create more division.


Historically we have always had plagues and pestilences. Covid is worse than the average flu, but only slightly worse than the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69, which killed more than four million. I was still working in hospitals then. We had no masks or vaccines for it. As for socially distancing, it was the year of Woodstock with 400,000 youngsters going wild in a paddock!

Unlike the Spanish flu of 1919-20, Covid-19 did not hit the young. It took out the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions – basically those nearing the end of their lives. At least it didn’t affect young people until vaccines arrived and forced the virus to mutate to create more virulent variants. This is another of the fruits of the narrative.


When Woodward and Bernstein started to investigate Watergate, Deep Throat advised them to ‘follow the money’. And who’s making all the money out of Covid – big multinational companies, like Google, Facebook, Amazon and big pharma.

Like Watergate, the truth will come out, and I think that moment of truth is not far off. Americans were promised that vaccination would allow them to get back to normal living. Now Biden is asking the vaccinated to wear masks again. When people realise vaccination is not going to be their great saviour, they will be very disappointed. When they learn they have taken in a toxic substance into their bodies which has no antidote, the anger is likely to be extreme.

Politicians have been deflecting the blame by saying they are following science. The problem is that scientists working in multinational drug companies have not been following science. Anger will be directed at science and at the medical profession. I would rather it not be directed at my old alma mater. I enjoyed my time at Xavier and owe much to the school for the education that led to a career I’ve loved, friends I still have, and for the code of ethics they helped instil within me.

I realise what I am telling you may not be welcome news, but I have felt impelled to write this letter. I am concerned you may not be getting access to information from independent sources. I’m listing some videos I still have, although some have been taken down`. If you are interested, I can email them to you.


I am also available by phone – and happy to come up to town should you wish to have a face-to-face chat.


Regardless of what decision you make, I sincerely wish you all the best. Given you only took on the job three years ago, you’ve certainly been thrown in the deep end.







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