Letter to RACGP re New Logo

Dr Peter L Johnston




Open letter to the President and Board of the RACGP



You have invited me to give you my thoughts on a new logo for the College.


You’ve written: “The RACGP has come a long way since 1958. Today’s college is a modern, progressive organisation.”

I agree with that statement except for the four letters ‘prog’. I see the RACGP as a modern, REPRESSIVE organisation.


The RACGP used to support GPs in their efforts to treat each patient in a sympathetic, caring and ethical manner, while using the best available scientific information. Now it has allied itself with corrupt politicians and medical organisations to push the agenda of even more corrupt pharmaceutical companies to sell their ‘vaccines’. By disallowing your doctors to give patients exemptions and banning other valid treatments for Covid-19, they are no longer free to treat their patients honestly and ethically with effective treatments for Covid-19.

To top it off, the RACGP has gone along with a policy that forces its members to be injected with an experimental drug with known toxic effects. Given those younger than forty have nothing to fear from Covid unless they have multiple pre-existing morbidities, such mandates are criminal. If the doctors fail to take the jab, they are not permitted to practice. If they succumb to the pressure, they are then expected to push the ‘vaccine’ on their patients, even if those patients have valid reasons for hesitancy. In other words, in order to continue to work, they must violate their Hippocratic oath.


Utter Pradesh with nine times Australia’s population reduced its pandemic death toll from 30,000 per day to be Covid free despite having only 5.8% of its people vaccinated. The secret of their success was to send medical teams into 98,000 villages, providing kits with vitamins, ivermectin and antibiotics. It conjures up the image of the 19th century GP travelling in a horse and cart to see the sick. This was the image that gave the family doctor a good name. It wasn’t the modern high-tech pontificating doctor telling patients they must take a new drug for a disease that carries less than 1% mortality.

Japan is now showing positive results against Covid-19 by using ivermectin. Other countries are starting to do likewise. People are waking up to the truth. Simple measures work. They now know the effectiveness of these simple remedies has been suppressed by governments, medical authorities and the mainstream press, while their use has been banned by corrupt authorities in order to push the ‘vaccine’ on the masses.

They are also seeing more clearly that vaccination does not work. Countries and states with high vaccination rates have high case numbers and a high incidence of sickness and death. Victoria is an example of this. The reason for the high case numbers is that it is the vaccinated spreading it – not the unvaccinated, as the government and media want us all to believe. Whereas the unvaccinated, with their intact immune systems, throw off the virus quickly, the vaccinated have impaired immune systems. Because it takes them longer to throw it off, they become more effective spreaders.


With so many having a vested interest in the narrative, truth may take a little longer to come out. Nevertheless, the outcome is inevitable. The devastating outcomes of this vaccine rollout will ensure that.


I am not an artist but I would be happy to employ one to offer you a logo that accurately represents the new RACGP. It would be a doctor wearing a stethoscope and a muzzle. This could be a useful logo to have when the whole Covid narrative comes crashing down. When people realise they have been victimised by the greatest fraud in the history of the planet, they will blame the doctors who gave them the jabs. It might help GPs when they face accusations of being complicit in violating human rights and the Nuremberg Code if the public can clearly see that GPs were given no choice.

GPs will be able to defend themselves by saying they were muzzled and controlled by their peak bodies. At an international level the WHO has shown itself to be corrupt, as has the FDA and CDC in the United States. Our own peak bodies, AHPRA, ATAGI, TGA, AMA and RACGP have ignored expert advice from the start and just pushed the vaccine. It will be up to them to explain why.


You have written: “Our goal is to create a logo that clearly demonstrates your specialist accreditation when displayed in your practice and is recognised as a mark of trust and quality throughout Australia and the world.”

The beauty of general practice has always been its general nature, its grasp of the big picture. GPs are not specialists. They do not focus their attention on particular parts of the body. They address the whole person. In the past the RACGP has helped them do this in a more efficient way. Until this year.

As for trust, I think it’s too late. A new logo backed up with spin will not mask the fact that the RACGP has deserted its members and its principles. It has taken sides with the rich and powerful, helping corrupt pharmaceutical companies to inflict a dangerous drug on its members and an unsuspecting population.


It saddens me to have to write a letter like this to a once great institution. I am sure you have all just followed the guidance you’ve received from the other peak medical bodies and state and federal government edicts. They have been very persuasive. Nevertheless, the outcome is going to be catastrophic.

The very exciting changes you foresee for 2022 are likely to be very challenging indeed. The RACGP may take back GP training but what do you teach trainee GPs when people no longer trust doctors, vaccines and drugs?


Yours sincerely,



Peter Johnston








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