Letter to Ahpra and Medical Board

Dr Peter L Johnston



To: Aphra & National Boards



September 12th 2021



To All Board Members,


You have received a complaint from a source who prefers to remain anonymous. I will respect that and refrain from searching our records for the name of the patient. While I don’t recall her name or the exact details, I do remember something of that interview, because I only saw one patient who requested a certificate to allow her to receive the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. After printing out the permit, I asked her why she was electing to do this rather than wait for the Pfizer vaccine. Her answer made it clear she was in two minds as to whether to have the vaccine at all. I asked her whether she wanted my opinion, warning her in advance that it might be controversial. She said yes. So I obliged.

With two exceptions, understandable ones, her memory of our interview would be accurate. Her recollection of it reflects my beliefs. While the complaint came from the patient’s partner, he has a right to feel aggrieved. So I will respond to the substance of these allegations, taking each in turn.


“Dr Johnston advised my partner against getting vaccinated ‘for a couple of years’ because it was a big experiment by pharmaceutical companies.”


Ever since vaccines arrived at ‘warped speed’, I have had concerns about their safety. Having started my medical training in 1960, I have seen problems with the roll out of many drugs. Thalidomide was the classic, but Vioxx, Valium, HRT and SSRI antidepressants have all run into trouble. We are now in the thick of an opioid crisis, largely due to the release of Fentanyl, and the deceptive marketing that went with it. Yet most of these drugs went through ten years of research and clinical trials before getting approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Harvard website quotes, In the US, it takes an average of 12 years for an experimental drug to travel from the laboratory to your medicine cabinet. That is if it makes it. Only 5 in 5,000 drugs even get to human testing. One in five of those make it.

Why would I trust the FDA when they say these drugs are safe? They haven’t undergone adequate trials. Drug companies are basically carrying out phase 3 human trials on billions of people without the built in safety of a normal stage 3 trial, where adverse effects are carefully followed up.

When any patient asks me for advice about the Covid-19 vaccine, I tell them to wait until 2022, when I think we’ll have a better idea about the toxicity of the drug. We’ll have an even better idea in two years, but I don’t think I’ve told anyone to wait that long. I suspect the twos got mixed up in translation.


         “Dr Johnston advised my partner to google the vaccine for countries such as Israel, UK and the USA.”


I did so because these are the countries which have had the earliest and most efficient rollout of the vaccines. The yardstick for all countries is Israel. They started vaccinating in January.

I may have told her that when I want reliable information, I look to independent experts rather than listen to the mainstream press, politicians, or people with vested interests.


“My partner was told the vaccine contained too many risks”


The mRNA vaccines are not true vaccines. On their website they are described as “genetic messengers to our cells.” The Centre for Disease Control in America (CDC) on their website says this. “mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases. mRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein.”

Traditional vaccines stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies. These ‘new type of vaccines’ don’t trust the immune system to do its own thing. They are telling it what to do. They are telling the immune system that it knows better. “Just do what you’re told” is the message. It’s not unlike what we are hearing from some of our premiers.

The major risk with these jabs is precisely that. They are interfering with the immune system, an incredibly complex and interconnected system which has served humanity for millions of years. The immune system provides protection both from external invaders like bacteria and viruses and internal ones like cancer. Interfering with it invites all manner of unforeseen consequences in all organs and systems of the body.

I am already seeing patients with toxic effects from the vaccine and hearing of problems in my discussions with patients and other doctors. But these are only the short-term effects.

The most frightening aspect of this jab is that its effects are irreversible. There is no antidote – no off-switch. It is teaching the cells how to make a protein but not how to stop making it. This is why I am more concerned about the medium and long-term effects than the short-term ones. The human body will manage the output of these vaccine-produced proteins for a while. It is when the body can no longer handle them adequately, or fail to excrete the excessive numbers of them, that illness will arise.


“And the vaccine was not effective against the Delta variant.”


It was planned that vaccination would cut down the spread of the virus, reduce illness and death, and help achieve herd immunity. In the early stages, it achieved this.

Israel, with its rapid rollout had great success. By June they saw a dramatic drop in cases. The people were told they had achieved herd immunity. However, after opening up, the delta strain hit. As you can see on the attached charts, cases have gone from a handful in June to 8129 cases per day in the week of Sept 8th. A similar pattern can be seen in the USA and UK.

On August 21st the CDC in the US explained why they had asked all Americans, even those fully vaccinated, to wear facemasks indoors. It was a backflip on their previous advice. There had been a mass outbreak in Provincetown Massachusetts, all linked to the same infection. Of the 500 people infected, 75% were fully vaccinated, and the fully vaccinated had the same viral load in their nasal passages as the unvaccinated.

It was no longer possible to claim vaccines were stopping the spread of Covid. So the messaging changed to saying that the vaccine protected people from becoming ill with the virus.

Yet back in August when I saw this patient, I was hearing that 70% of the people in Israeli hospitals were vaccinated. Pfizer had a deal giving them a monopoly in Israel. It was statistics showing that immunity had dropped from 98% to 34% in five months (and later to 16%) that led to Pfizer applying to the FDA for the right to offer booster doses. They realised their vaccines were not having any lasting effect. On 9th Sept, Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 news:

95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalisations. We are opening more and more COVID branches. The effectiveness of vaccines is declining or disappearing.”


The doctor told my partner that coronavirus doesn’t affect people under forty.”


This was a statement I could not have made because it’s obviously not true. What I would have told her was that the risk of getting sick from Covid-19 when you are younger than 40 is low. On the USA figures, those under 40 make up 1.87% of the total deaths. While I can’t prove it, I am confident that virtually all of them would have had pre-existing disease. A CDC study found 94% of all those who died ‘with Covid-19’ had at least one co-morbidity, with the average being 2.9 co-morbidities.

At the time I saw this patient, we had few cases in Victoria. So the risk of meeting the virus was low. She had no pre-existing disease. I assessed her risk of illness as low even if she did pick up the virus. I believed her risk of illness from the vaccine far outweighed the risk of falling ill from Covid-19. That has been my belief from the time the vaccine became available.


 “The doctor explained he was horrified at the idea of children and teenagers being vaccinated because the side-effects are unknown.”


Children and teenagers have robust immune systems. If they have no pre-existing disease, their defences against most viruses are 100%. Their mortality is virtually zero and their morbidity about the same. To inflict these people with an experimental drug whose long-term effects we know nothing about absolutely horrifies me. I will state my objections to this policy under six headings.


  1. It violates the Hippocratic Oath, one of whose basic principles is “First do no harm.”


  1. It violates the basic human rights of teenagers. They can be brought to a doctor by worried parents and given a drug that could cause irreversible damage to their health and shorten their life span. Yet, being minors, they have no legal rights to reject this assault.


  1. The Nuremberg Code (1947) came out of the experiments the Axis powers performed on prisoners of war. It is an international law applying to Australia. It states with respect to using experimental drugs on humans. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential …. They should be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion. It also stresses the importance of giving all recipients adequate and truthful information to help them make the decision. I believe this global vaccination narrative and our own national vaccination program are acting in violation of the Nuremberg Code. This not only applies to children but to people of all ages.


  1. Aphra states that vaccination is an essential measure in protecting the community. If this proves to be the case, maybe this rush to vaccinate everyone will be justified and even applauded. However, if it doesn’t, and the medium and long term side-effects of this drug show up in large numbers, history will judge this to be a crime against humanity.

There is a group in the US called America’s Frontline Doctors. They don’t seem to be waiting for any more history. Their headline reads ‘Thousands of Lawyers and Doctors Filed Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code. Underneath this it explains: A large team of more than 1000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts, led by Dr Reiner Fuellmich, has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.


  1. Doctors will be seen as collaborators in this crime. It will leave an indelible stain on the medical profession. Our profession in Australia will certainly not be spared this. We have had the advantage of watching Europe and America’s experience with vaccination. Yet we are still persisting in pushing a preventative that is not working in these countries, ignoring the potential for catastrophic damage to trusting members of the public.


  1. Medicine is an art as well as a science. The art is to give patients confidence that they can recover from their illness. Their faith is what produces the placebo effect. Our western world believes in medications. Along with surgery they are the major weapons in our tool kit. If the public feels let down and betrayed by scientific medicine, their faith in medications will be lost.


“The notifier believes the doctor may be spreading Covid-19 misinformation.”


On this charge, I plead not guilty. I have provided my patients with information – not misinformation. I have given them the best available scientific evidence at my disposal at the time. It’s just not the same scientific evidence you are all receiving.


What I call misinformation are these proclamations.


The Covid jab is a vaccine


It is not a vaccine. Since Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine 225 years ago, all vaccines have stimulated the immune system to do its job more efficiently. The mRNA vaccines are taking over the job of the immune system. They are self-replicating genetic modifying drugs – not vaccines.

Thanks to pioneers like Jenner and Salk, most of the public  trust vaccines. Drug manufacturers are calling their drugs vaccines to cash in on this public trust. If they had to rely on their own reputation, they’d be in trouble. If you google Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca you will see they have batted off, or quietly settled, thousands of lawsuits for health care fraud, corrupting clinical trials and illegal marketing.


The vaccines are working.


They were created to combat the original version of Covid-19. As the graphs of Israel, UK and USA show, the vaccines worked well against the original virus, but are failing against the delta strain. And the delta strain is the strain we are now dealing with in Australia.


Covid-19 is a disease of the unvaccinated.


We are being told this is a disease of the unvaccinated – that virtually all hospitalised patients are unvaccinated. Biden repeated this yesterday and it was relayed to us here on SBS news last night. Our leaders and news media are echoing this refrain, while news from Israel shows this to be untrue.

On September 10th, the New York Times ran a headline:

Unvaccinated Americans 11 times more likely to die of Covid, the CDC reports. In smaller print, it mentioned the report was compiled between April and June 2021 – BEFORE the DELTA strain hit America. Conclusion: the figures might be true but the timing and delivery are deliberately misleading.


Covid vaccines are safe.


While our epidemiologists are proclaiming their safety, doctors who see patients are learning it is not so safe. Only last week I saw two vaccinated patients complaining of sudden episodes of vertigo rendering them unable to stand up. One was a tree-lopper no longer able to work because of it. I have seen many patients with labyrinthitis and benign postural vertigo over fifty years but this is a new phenomenon.

I have seen a patient who suffered a stroke the day after her jab and another who developed anginal pain a few hours after hers. However, as mentioned before, these are only short-term events. We have yet to see what the future holds in the long-term.

On the Australian website, health.gov.au of 2021/08 it says, ‘a risk of myocarditis and pericarditis has been observed in people who have received mRNA vaccines in overseas studies, especially in males under 30 after the second dose. The worst age for myocarditis is 12 to 17.  While most of them recovered, if an experimental drug is affecting the hearts of young people, shouldn’t it be a red flag – a time to stop and take stock?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has a website called pharmacovigilance which keeps tabs on reported adverse effects and deaths. While these figures may seem trivial in the face of over two billion vaccinated, they do give some guide to the short-term side effects. They list over 1.7 million adverse reactions and over 9000 deaths.

The number of reports is always grossly underreported, especially now in this era of censorship and repression of anything questioning the narrative. A patient, who worked as a nurse in a dementia ward told me that 7 patients in her ward died within 10 days of receiving the vaccine. None of their deaths were recorded as due to the vaccine.


Mass vaccination can achieve herd immunity


This clearly is not happening in UK, USA and Israel, countries that have achieved or nearly achieved the levels believed to provide herd immunity. As long as the virus can produce new strains to keep ahead of vaccines, herd immunity can never be reached.

It is the ‘vaccine’ that has stimulated the virus to create the delta strain. We have learned this from bacteria. When we use antibiotics against them, they mutate to become resistant to the weapons we throw at them. We now have ‘superbugs’, golden staph bacteria resistant to every antibiotic. Microbes have a well-developed sense of species survival. They’re not stupid. What we are injecting into patients is a drug, not a vaccine. So the virus is fighting back. And if Pfizer produces a booster dose specifically aimed at the delta strain, the bugs are sure to mutate again to get around it. Then we’ll have another new strain of the virus, possibly even more virile.


The vaccine is the only real weapon we have against Covid-19


This is dangerous misinformation, not only for patients but for GPs. In Europe and America it has led to GPs telling their patients nothing can be done for them. Patients have been told to go home and go to hospital if it gets worse. Once they do get worse and reach hospital, they’re on death row.

Yet there are natural, safe immune stimulants like vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, which have been shown to be effective, not only in early treatment, but in prevention. When Ivermectin and antiseptic mouth wash are added to the regime, the outcomes are even more impressive.

Ivermectin has been used for 40 years to treat filariasis and other parasitic diseases in Africa and other third world countries, with great success. It has been used by 3.7 billion people over this time. It costs the equivalent of 2 cents per tablet. Poor people can afford it, but it won’t make money for Big Pharma.

When used in combination with the other immune stimulants, it is showing very good outcomes against Covid-19, preventing many from having to go to hospital. The early stages of the disease is the critical time when treatment can be most effective. When Ivermectin was added to the treatment protocol in Utter Pradesh, India in May, the result was spectacular. (see attached graph).

But what have the FDA and WHO said about Ivermectin?

WHO: Alternative treatments like ivermectin are contraindicated in the prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19. Ivermectin should only be used to treat Covid-19 within clinical trials.

FDA advertisement suggests it is only for veterinary use. “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Using the drug ivermectin to treat Covid-19 can be dangerous – even fatal. FDA has not approved that drug for that purpose.”

The truth is that there have been 61studies involving its use in Covid-19 using 23,000 patients. They are not double blind clinical trials because it is unethical to give placebo to somebody with a lethal disease.

So how truthful are the FDA and WHO on this?

When you go to the WHO’s own pharmacovigilance website, it documents reported deaths and adverse reactions to drugs over the last 25 years. It shows:

Ivermectin over those 25 years had 4000 adverse events.

Covid vaccines over 7 months had 1,700,000+ adverse events.

Ivermectin over those 25 years had 16 deaths.

Covid vaccines in 7 months have had 9000+ deaths.


We are no longer trying to achieve zero Covid-19 in Victoria. The main justification for these lockdowns is to reduce the load on hospitals and ICU beds. Yet what are we doing to help treat patients at home to help them avoid hospitalisation?

On Sept 10th, the TGA issued a new restriction banning Australian GPs from using Ivermectin for Covid-19. It is the drug with the best track record against the disease, one with a long safety record over 40 years. Why is it so important to ensure GPs are not permitted to use their own judgment when faced with a sick patient? Why are are we being left powerless to treat our patients?



“Undermining the national vaccination program”.


I have acted in accord with the directions of the medical board for 54 of my 55 years as a doctor, and supported the national immunisation program since it was introduced in1997. I continue to do so, as far as standard vaccines are concerned. But Covid-19 vaccines don’t come under my definition of vaccines.

The National Boards expect all health practitioners to use their professional judgment and the best available evidence in practice. I believe this is what I’ve done. But obviously we are using different sources for our evidence.

By advising younger patients to go to the back of the queue, preferably waiting until 2022, is not what the board or the Federal and State governments expect of me as a medical practitioner. So, in this regard, I plead guilty to undermining the strategy of trying to maximise the uptake of this ‘vaccine’.

I acknowledge that most doctors seem to be in agreement with your Aphra policy. You are acting in accord with what you believe is in the best interests of patients and public health. I have no doubt your intentions are honourable and aimed at protecting the community from a lethal disease. I just see it differently.

While none of us can predict the future, there’s little doubt we are participating in the greatest medical experiment in human history. One third of the Earth’s population have already had the jab. Are we, as a medical profession, going to risk our reputation and the lives of our young patients to follow the dictates of politicians and bodies like the FDA and CDC, whose honesty is suspect?

On the front page of the Sun on Monday, September 13th, I read that our Federal Health minister promises to have two doses ready for our 5 to 11 year-old children as soon as they pass the trials, and Pfizer wants approval for its infant vaccines by the end of the year. On Sept 21st, the New York Times states that Pfizer is on track to apply to the FDA for authorization by the end of the month, allowing children to get the jab before Halloween.


As a child, The Pied Piper of Hamelin was never one of my favourite fairy stories. Now, in my old age, I am haunted by an even worse version of it.


    Once upon a time in a global village, people were going about working and playing as they normally did. Then one day, along came a piper dressed in grey robes, singing a sad song. It spoke of evil spirits bringing pestilence to the land. When this plague arrived, the fearful village elders locked up their citizens to protect them. Cut off from their friends, family, work and play, the villagers grew deeply sad.

  Then the piper returned, resplendent in multi-coloured robes, singing a song of celebration, and carrying magic potions to ward off the evil spirits and bring freedom and normality to the villagers. Encouraged by the elders and the sweet sounds of the piper’s music, the villagers rushed to buy his magic potions. So entranced were they that they failed to see that his ‘glittering state of the art’ robes hid the darkness underneath. The piper had come to take their children away.


I cannot remain silent when I believe our children are in danger from this rushed vaccination rollout. I will continue to provide people with information you may possibly see as misinformation.


Nevertheless, I fully understand your need to uphold the principles and rules of Aphra.


In August, I re-registered, planning to continue work at the Rosebud SuperClinic. On September 2nd, I learned the clinic would start injecting young patients with the Pfizer vaccine. I submitted my resignation, which took effect on September 14th.

I have included a copy of this.


Obviously, I can’t continue to practise with integrity within the current rules. Given I turn eighty in eleven days, there is little point in my making your job any harder than it is. Therefore, I resign from all medical practice as of today, September 23rd 2021. I ask that my re-registration for September 30th 2021 to Sept 30th 2022 be cancelled.


I thank you for providing me with an opportunity to explain my situation and for taking the time to read this submission.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Johnston












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