How a Policy Affected Melbournians, Inside and Out

Dr Peter L Johnston




How a Policy Affected Melbournians, Inside and Out


Melbourne was voted the world’s most liveable city for seven years running, from 2011 to 2017. It is an award based partially on its physical amenities of food, water, climate and amenities, but more on community values. The words that most encapsulate community values are freedom, tolerance, and cohesion. Yet in two short years, Melbourne has become the most locked down city in the world, a veritable prison and an object of pity and alarm to the rest of the world.


The External Effects of Government Policy


Melbourne has lost all three of the qualities that gave it the sense of community. When it had freedom, tolerance and cohesion, people could send their children to schools, where they would learn, make friends, find their areas of interest and pursue a career. Once in a job, they would offer goods or services to the community and receive pay to spend to support themselves and their families. In doing so, they added to the wealth of the city and the nation. An attitude of racial and religious tolerance, a love of sport and a belief in a fair go for everyone supported this cycle of giving and receiving.

Then early in 2020, Covid-19 arrived. It was a coronavirus like the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69. Despite early fears of a  Spanish flu-like plague, it was clear by March it was a disease lethal to those over eighty and those with serious underlying diseases.

The logical way to deal with the pandemic was to protect the elderly and chronically ill, treat those affected, and allow everyone else to get on with their lives. Yet Sweden was the only country in Europe to do this. It copped heat from the mainstream media for doing so, but it has succeeded in having a lower mortality than the rest of Europe, while keeping its population happy and its economy intact.

Florida, under Governor De Santis, has followed a similar regime to Sweden, in defiance of President Biden. It too has a much lower mortality than California, which pushed lockdowns and masks. Businesses have moved to Florida and the state is booming.

Third world countries had little choice but to do likewise, as they couldn’t afford the jabs. By using hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin with vitamins, they have eliminated the virus with far less mortality than Europe or USA.

But rather than take these practical measures to reassure Melbournians, Victoria’s premier ramped up the fear by isolating people from each other with masks and lockdowns, neither of which has found any scientific validation.

Scientific studies have found standard masks not only don’t help – they make things worse. They don’t block viruses, they reduce oxygen intake and increase carbon dioxide retention. They also interfere with the innate defences in the nose, which are the first line of defence against airborne coronaviruses.

In Melbourne, the government made the pandemic the sole focus of its policy. By locking down the population, it brought commerce to a stop. Neither children, teenagers or adults could attend schools or universities. By setting aside hospital beds for Covid patients, elective surgery and non-urgent medical procedures were cancelled. They ignored the effects of lockdowns on mental health and suicide. Social and sporting life was halted, even to stopping kids from going to playgrounds. In order to enable businesses to survive, they organised government handouts, ensuring massive debt for future generations.


The Internal Effects of Government Policy


Once Covid-19 jabs became available, the government embraced them to the exclusion of any other treatment. Although vitamins C and D, zinc, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine had been shown to be valuable in the early stages of the disease to help keep people out of hospital, medical authorities pushed GPs to tell their patients that vaccination was the only solution to the pandemic. They actually banned the importation of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – and threatened doctors with suspension of their practising licence if they prescribed them. They could also suspend doctors for giving patients exemptions. Government policy was to get as many jabs into as many arms as possible, even to the extent of mandating them and banning work and all public entertainment from anyone who refused.


The Covid-19 jabs differed from all previous vaccinations. Whereas normal vaccinations stimulate the immune system to make antibodies to destroy an invading microbe, the Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca jabs actually tell the immune system what to do. They take over some of the functions of the immune system and direct it towards destroying the Covid-19 virus.

However, these jabs seem to produce in the immune system the same single-mindedness the Victorian government has shown. They become so focused on Covid-19 that they seem to neglect other aspects of immune function. Those who have had the jab have an immune system that is still on a search and destroy mission looking for the original Covid virus, which disappeared in the middle of 2021.

Once the virus mutated into the delta and omicron strains, the jabs lost their fire-power. No longer do they protect the recipient from getting the disease, passing it on to others, finishing up in hospital, or dying.

Faced with the evidence the jabs were not working, the global elite focused on telling the world the jabs gave greater protection from getting sick and dying. Propaganda pushing this message daily had a powerful placebo effect on people, especially those who trusted the narrative. As they believed, so it was. The media stressed the pandemic to be a disease of the unvaccinated. So the placebo effect worked in reverse for the unvaccinated, bringing a higher expectation of becoming ill. This too came to pass.

However, there is now evidence the immune system in the vaccinated is not functioning as well as it does in the unvaccinated. An example is shingles. The chickenpox virus enters the body in childhood and remains there. With age and an underperforming immune system, the virus rears its ugly head as shingles, a painful inflammation of the nerves. Shingles is showing up among the side-effects of the jabs.

More worrying are reports that cancer patients previously in remission are experiencing recurrences of their cancer after having the Covid jabs. Everyone produces abnormal mutations in various cells of the body, but the immune system detects them as abnormal and destroys them. But as people age, the efficiency of their immune systems diminishes, which is why most cancers occur later in life. If the jabs are diminishing the efficiency of the immune system, we will see cancers occurring earlier in life.

Interfering with an immune system that has served humanity for millions of years was always a colossal risk. Last week in its Covid-19 Surveillance Report, the UK Department of Health admits that “N antibody levels seem to be lower in people who become infected after two doses of vaccine.” It says this drop is essentially permanent. This means the vaccine interferes with the body’s ability to make antibodies against not only the spike protein, but other aspects of the coronavirus like the protein envelope of the virus. “This is a crucial aspect of the response in unvaccinated people, who will have lasting, if not permanent immunity, to all forms of the virus after being infected only once.”

What we have also learned is that the toxic component of Covid-19 is the spike protein. Yet the aim of the jabs is to teach the cells to produce spike protein. So while the virus bombards the body with spike proteins for about ten days, the jabs create a spike protein factory in the body for an indeterminate time. The jab tells the cells to make spike protein but doesn’t tell them when to stop.

While it takes time for the effects of immune suppression to show up as auto-immune diseases and cancer, its effects on capillaries, the smallest blood vessels in the body, are rapid. Most of the deaths from heart attacks and strokes happen in the first few days after the jab. The recorded adverse events registers already show over 40,000 deaths and these registers are only the tip of the iceberg. Taiwan reported more deaths from the vaccine than from Covid-19. Undertakers in UK noted a vast increase in business in 2021 compared to 2020 when there was a pandemic and no vaccine.

Last week the CEO of OneAmerica insurance company announced that “the death rate in 2021 is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among people aged 18 to 64, a figure consistent across all life insurance companies.” He added that “a 10% increase over any other year would amount to a one-in-200 year catastrophe. An increase of 40% is unheard of.”

Last week also saw the publication by The Epoch Times of death certificate data from the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC). It showed a surge in mortality rate among 18 to 49-year-olds, differing from state to state but showing an average increase of 40% over pre-pandemic levels, with most of those deaths not caused by Covid-19.

Even the deaths attributed to Covid-19 are exaggerated in the US because nursing homes were given financial incentives to put Covid-19 on death certificates. Only recently have authorities admitted that many people died WITH Covid-19 rather than from it. In the UK, of 150,000 deaths attributed to Covid, those actually dying of it amounted to 17,000 – around 11%. The Italian newspaper, Il Tempo, reported that of the 130,468 deaths registered as official Covid-19 deaths, only 3,783 were directly attributable to the virus alone – approximately 3%.

The increase in deaths among those of working age is likely to be mirrored in Melbourne. Although the city had the highest pandemic death rate in Australia, it was miniscule compared to Europe and the Americas. What is not miniscule is the high level of vaccination. Unfortunately, I believe we are going to see the fruits of this for years to come in the form of death and disability. Yet there will be sufficient vaccine damage in 2022 for people to wake up to the reality that the biggest experiment ever performed on humanity has gone pear-shaped.

This policy of escalating fear into the population with media hype, masks and lockdowns has plunged the state into serious debt . It has permanently destroyed businesses despite tax-payer’s money being spent on trying to keep them afloat. The federal treasurer preaches the capacity of Australians to get back to business and pay off the debt. However, having such high jab numbers will not help the cause.

Mortality from the pandemic hit those over 80 and those chronically ill. In the main, they were welfare recipients. But if we have 40% extra deaths in 2021 in people aged 18 to 64, we lose workers contributing to the public purse. How do you build an economy when you are killing your workers?

Not only are the jabs causing death, but also permanent injury. The damage to capillaries occurs in all organs, including the brain. While strokes are the most obvious, neurologists also expect an increase in neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease and dementia. What’s more, it’s not only vaccination damage hurting the economy. The government has ignored mental health for two years. While suicides have increased, there will also be a large number with mental health issues who will need to be on welfare for a long time as they will not be able to work. All these wounded move from being taxpayers to tax-recipients.




Our governments chose to neglect its normal responsibilities to its citizen’s health and wellbeing, in favour of taking Draconian measures to restrict their freedom in the name of avoiding a virus.

It then pushed and mandated experimental drugs to attack the virus. In their unsuccessful effort to kill the virus, the drugs altered the immune system to the extent that it too neglected its normal tasks of maintaining its host’s health and wellbeing.


I’d like to finish this essay with a quote from the sermon on the mount. Although it was delivered 2000 years ago, it is advice we desperately need to hear in Melbourne in 2022.


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; but neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.


Our governments claim to be bringing us vaccines to save us from a ‘dread disease’. What fruit have they brought to us?


  1. A fear-based campaign based on dogma, not science, suppressing any alternative views or opposition.
  2. Suppression of basic human rights and freedoms.
  3. A ban on access to life-saving drugs for the disease.
  4. Escalation in mental health problems and suicide.
  5. Isolation of the elderly and dying from their families.
  6. Changing the affliction from one affecting the sick and elderly to one affecting younger people.
  7. Loss of many small businesses and jobs.
  8. Transfer of wealth from the middle class to multinational companies, like Facebook, Amazon and Big Pharma.
  9. Dividing families and friends on vaccination status and dividing the country into separate states.


These are all the fruits of corruption.
















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