Blessed are the Poor

Dr Peter L Johnston




Blessed are the Poor


Despite having to fight and settle thousands of lawsuits for Illegal marketing, corrupting clinical trials and healthcare fraud, Big Pharma has enormous wealth. Pfizer’s revenue for the first six months of 2021 was $33.5 billion.

However, they are not charities. As the New York Times put it on October 11th: Of the 22 countries, plus the E.U., to which Moderna and its distributors have reported selling the shots, none are low income. And most middle-income countries that have struck deals with Moderna have not received any doses. Botswana, Thailand and Colombia have said they are paying $27 to $30 per dose, more than the U.S. which paid $15 to $16.50.

 Although acknowledging the pandemic is by definition a global problem, wealthy countries have seen little need to treat the whole globe, giving priority to booster doses and jabbing its children before sending any shots to the third world.

So the poor Third World only has the leftovers from science. Left to their own devices, they have found some treasures.


Since 1955, hydroxychloroquine has been available for treating malaria, the commonest disease on Earth. The malarial parasites became resistant to this drug, but research in 2014 in Ethiopia showed common malarial parasites were responding to it again. Being inexpensive and available without prescription, Africans have been using it once more.

They are using it for preventing and treating Covid-19 too. Considerable support for this came from 32 studies done in 2020, which showed 75% improvement in outcomes when people used hydroxychloroquine in their early treatment.


Another cheap drug available without having to see a doctor is Ivermectin. It was discovered in 1975 by William Campbell and Satoshi Omura, for which they were awarded the Nobel prize in physics in 2015. Merck manufactured it to treat parasitic infections. It has revolutionised the treatment of river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, but also helps with most parasitic and worm infestations. It’s a mainstay against tropical diseases.

Because wealthy countries like Australia don’t get these diseases, we only see ivermectin when our vets treat our dogs for heartworm. The FDA has used this to denigrate a drug that was made for humans.   W.H.O. lists it as one of the 50 essential medicines, one that 3.7 billion people have used.

They have quoted trials to say it doesn’t work for Covid-19. Dr Byram Bridle, a Canadian immunologist and vaccine developer, saw the futility of these trials. Half the volunteers were prescribed ivermectin while the other half, the placebo group, were taking it unprescribed. No wonder the prescribed group showed no evidence of greater effectiveness!

So, while Africa missed out on the high-powered ‘vaccines’, they have managed remarkably well by helping themselves to simple, readily available, inexpensive cures.

In July, I read of dire forecasts about the pandemic running wild among the poorly housed, underfed people in the Dark Continent. I’ve read nothing of Africa since then. However, if you compare the rates of Covid cases and deaths in Africa with the rates in the advanced countries of Europe where vaccination has been most pronounced, it presents an interesting picture.

Africa has seen 152,000 deaths from Covid-19. Europe has seen 1,500,000 and the Americas 2,300,000. So the mortality in Europe is nearly ten times that of Africa and the Americas fifteen times. Obesity, a significant pre-disposing cause of death from Covid, is a rare condition in Africa and perhaps they don’t have as many in their nineties? But these factors are not enough to explain this gap. Let’s have a look at the individual countries.


I have taken all these figures from Google, which has derived them from Reuters. Given that Reuters is the primary source for all other mainstream media, it is unlikely to be publishing figures that undermine their narrative. Yet there they are, hiding in plain sight.

The percentages listed are for fully vaccinated people over sixteen. To create uniformity, I have taken the average daily case numbers for the week ending on November 15th and divided it by the population of each country. So, for example, Italy with 7524 cases and a population of 60 million, has 7524/60, which gives an average of 125 cases per million.

If you take a cursory look over the next two pages of figures, it will be hard to avoid concluding that high vaccination rates bring high case numbers. The ‘vaccine’ is a dismal failure.






COUNTRY                   FULL VACC RATE          AV WK COVID/MILL                


Morocco                                  61%                                  3

Tunisia                                     41%                                28                      

South Africa                            23%                                  0

Zimbabwe                               18%                                  4

Rwanda                                   18%.                                 2

Botswana                                16%                                38 

Egypt                                        11.5%                              9

Namibia                                   11%                                  0

Gambia                                    9.5%                                 0

Mozambique                          8.6%                                 0

Libya                                        7.5%                               76

Liberia                                     7.5%                                 0

Central African Republic.     6.8%                                 2

Angola                                     6.2%                                 1

Guinea                                     6.1%                                 0

Togo                                         5.7%                                 0

Senegal                                    5.4%                                 0

Gabon                                      4.8%                               30

Ivory Coast                              4.1%.                                0

Kenya                                       4.0%                                 1

Sierra Leone                            3.9%                                 0

Zambia                                     3.2%                                 1

Ghana                                      2.7%                                 1

Djibouti                                    2.7%                                 1

Somalia                                    2.1%                                 1

Nigeria                                     1.6%                                 0

Mali                                          1.4%                                 2

Ethiopia                                   1.2%                                 2

Uganda                                    0.9%                                 1

South Sudan                           0.6%                                 2

Chad                                        0.4%                                  0







COUNTRY            FULL VAC RATE                                  Av Wk COVID / MILL

                                                                                             Nov 15th              Nov 20th

Gibraltar                        118%                                         1,662                     1,810     

Portugal                           87%                                            148                         197

Malta                                86%                                              46                         135

Netherlands                    85%                                            852                      1,164     

Spain                                80%                                               76.                        102

Iceland                             77%                                             500                         476

Ireland.                            76%                                             830                         861

Denmark                         76%                                             545                         655

Belgium                           75%                                             906                      1,192

Italy                                  73%                                             125                         151

Finland                            72%                                              150                         200

Norway                            71%                                             283                         365

Sweden                           71%                                                77                           90

France                             69%                                              171                         262

UK                                    69%                                              556                         587

Luxembourg                   68%                                              309                         382     

Germany                         68%                                              491                         575

Austria                             65%                                          1,303                      1,501

Switzerland                     65%                                             431                          532

Greece                             60%                                             656                          668

Hungary                           59%                                             767                          874

Czech Republic               58%                                          1,057                       1,330

Slovenia                           54%                                          1,572                       1,542

Poland                              53%.                                            398.                         515

Cyprus                              48%                                             215                          339

Croatia                             46%                                          1,304                       1,125

Russia                               35%                                             258                          248

Romania                          35%                                              224                          162

Albania                            32%                                              183                          167

Georgia                            29%                                              261                         268

Belarus                             24%                                              200                         193

Ukraine                            20%                                              480                          421



Gibraltar is a special case. Because Spaniards travel across the border to work, it has a vaccination rate of 118%. Even allowing for this anomaly, the Rock, with only 34,000 citizens, is the most vaccinated place on Earth. It also has the highest case numbers in the world. The authorities have reinstated masks indoors and are discouraging any Christmas parties.

Europe has the highest vaccination rates. In the past two weeks, it makes up 60% of the world’s Covid-19 cases. Over the last 5 days, you see the numbers rising. In some countries, the increase is steep.

Netherlands, with 85% vaccinated, has started partial lockdowns. Belgian children are back in masks and authorities are asking people to work from home for four days per week. Czech Republic is doing likewise and banning Xmas parties. Germany is asking for vaccine passports or evidence of recent infection.

Austria limited its lockdown to the unvaccinated, including everybody over 12 years of age. It reached ridiculous heights when the unvaccinated could serve customers but were not permitted to mix with the vaccinated to buy the products. After 5 days, they locked down the entire country.

The W.H.O. says Europe is the only region showing an increasing case rate. If history is any guide, high hospital admissions and mortality follow close on the heels of high case numbers. Europe is heading into a dark winter.

As vaccination encourages new strains to emerge, herd immunity is impossible in Europe. Africa, with its low vaccination and high cure rate, may well have achieved herd immunity. Sub-Sahara Africa is heading into summer, leaving the delta flu virus behind.

The Covid-19 virus is a coronavirus, like the flu and the common cold. We had no flu in 2020 and 2021, as Covid-19 was our annual winter flu. Because Australia is heading into summer, case numbers are dropping. We’ll be told this is because of our high vaccination rate, but it’s seasonal.

When people finally awaken from this mass hypnosis and realise they have been led along the wrong path of treatment for this pandemic, they won’t be happy. When they learn an experimental vaccine was not the only option – that there were other cures available, cheap and free of significant side effects, they will be even more unhappy. When they learn their medical authorities, politicians and mainstream media deliberately suppressed this information and banned their doctors from prescribing them, they will be furious. This is the smoking gun that proves the motive was to harm their people rather than help them. If any of these authorities are found to have financial connections to Big Pharma, they will face charges of corruption, treason and genocide at Nuremberg 2.



Blessed are the Poor in Spirit


The poor in Africa have been blessed because they trusted medicines that had helped them in the past with other diseases, and they weren’t distracted by propaganda about new drugs.

However, I used my title out of context. The original quote came from the Sermon on the Mount and it had nothing to do with lack of money. It was more about lack of intellectual certainty. Matthew’s gospel 5:3 in the King James bible says:


Blessed are the poor in spirit

For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


Its meaning has puzzled theologians because ‘poor in spirit’ is an inaccurate translation from the original Aramaic language. A later quote from Matthew’s gospel 18:3 sheds more light on it.


Except ye be converted and become as little children,

Ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Whoever shall humble himself as this little child,

The same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


When his disciples asked him about the kingdom of heaven, Jesus made it clear it was not a geographical site. He said:


The kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)


A kingdom is where a king rules. When God is in charge of our lives, peace, joy and harmony reign in the kingdom. Inner peace is heaven. God is love. Proclamations are not the way love communicates. Feelings are the love’s language. Inspirations, hunches and feelings of love lead us towards happiness. Gut instincts and negative emotions let us know something is not right – they tell us to get out of there, where there is no joy.

God is one of many names for our creator. We are always in contact with our creator – our source of inner wisdom. However, if we are already convinced we know the truth, there is no room for new truths to enter. It was this stubborn insistence on being right, a sense of intellectual pride Jesus was referring to. He was praising open-mindedness. He preached the importance of being in control of our own thoughts and beliefs – not allowing the opinions of others to go unchallenged by our own inner wisdom. Without this capacity to question, people are all too easily deceived. He referred to young children as humble as they are open-minded and not attached to any set of beliefs.


When I first heard about a new vaccine for Covid-19, I was pleased about it. But when I read it was going to alter cellular RNA, my gut instinct raised suspicions. My immune system had seen me through whooping cough, measles and other childhood ills. I’ve never had flu despite seeing sick patients daily for 56 years. With this trust, I was wary of any effort to interfere with it.

Further exploration led to more scepticism. When I realised experts were being muzzled, I knew the authorities were afraid of truth. This was not science. When I saw governments offering free beers or money to have the jab, I saw it as a variation of the dirty old man in the white van offering candy to kids.

When I realised proven cures were being banned in favour of these experimental drugs, I knew the goal was not to protect the health of the community, but to harm it. When the authorities made this jab mandatory, alarm bells rang loudly.

Many of you in this chat group will have been through a similar transition and arrived at a similar conclusion. This is why I refer to you all as ‘being in touch with your inner wisdom’. Instead of allowing the noisy voice of mainstream media to drown out all other information and corrupt your minds, you are listening to the ‘still, small voice’ within.

You may have lost your jobs. You may be treated as ‘untouchables’ in our culture, especially here in Victoria. Political leaders must find scapegoats when their promises go pear-shaped. But after the truth emerges, you will have an intact immune system. You will also have inner peace about your decision to hold the line. You are the ones who are poor in intellectual certainty but rich in wisdom. Yours will be the kingdom of heaven, for you will have allowed love and courage to rule your hearts and minds.











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