Address to Rally at Canberra on 12th February 2022

Dr Peter L Johnston



Address to Freedom Convoy at Canberra Feb 12th


       In 1969, I’d been working in hospitals for 3 years as an intern, when I heard the Australian army was desperately short of doctors in Vietnam. The ones they drafted didn’t complete their training until 1970. I went there as an anaesthetist but enjoyed chatting to the diggers so much, I came back and practised as a GP for the next 50 years.

Until last year, when I suddenly found I could no longer give my patients their due and make them my first priority. I had to make the government my priority. I was not permitted to give ivermectin to patients, nor give exemptions from the vaccine. It was then I realised that the leaders of the medical profession and the government had, to use a Star Wars term, gone over to the dark side.

It was obvious I wasn’t going to get on with Ahpra – and so my medical career finished. But a new one opened – as a geriatric rebel. For those interested, I have a website called Health Care Workers for Truth which is open to all those rebelling against mandates.

As a resident at the Royal Perth Hospital, I remember the Hong Kong flu of 1968. It’s long forgotten but it killed 4 million people worldwide. It was a coronavirus, similar to Covid, and allowing for the exaggerated number of deaths attributed to Covid, it’s killed a similar number. However there was no pandemic declared, no fear-mongering, masks, lockdowns or vaccines. Woodstock occurred during the Hong Kong flu – so I don’t think there was any social distancing either.


The fact you are here tells me that you have listened to your inner guidance. Other names for it are your intuition or gut instinct. In coming here you have followed your inner guidance with integrity.

I want to tell you that you are taking part in the greatest battle in the history of humanity, one that is being fought in the hearts and minds of everyone on Earth. This has been forecast thousands of years ago. It is the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, a battle between truth and untruth, between freedom and tyranny.

The mainstream media would like to pretend today’s event never happened. But it’s too big for that. So we’ll probably hear the usual stuff about anti-vaxers endangering health with a super-spreader event.

The truth is that you are the ones who care about the health of Australians.

You are the ones who care about our children and want to protect them from a useless, toxic drug they never needed in the first place.

You are the ones who bring truth to a plandemic that has been riddled with lies and deception from the beginning.

You are the freedom fighters

You are the ones who will lead us to victory.



Letter to Dr Monique Ryan

Dr Peter L Johnston MBBS FRACGP 6 Atunga Terrace Dromana 3936 Phone: 0411819045 Email: Website:     Open letter to The Right Honourable

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